Item Price Note

New School Jackets

(Junior / Middle School)


New to our range
(Sizes 6-16)

New School Jackets

(Senior School)


New to our range
(Sizes Sml-3XL)

Black/Maroon Polar Fleece $50.00 Limited stocks
Taupe Polo Shirt $32.00 Sizes 4 - 6 

New School Polo Shirt

(Junior/Middle School)


Smaller Sizes
Sizes 8 - 16

New School Polo Shirt

(Senior School)


Larger Sizes
Sml - 2XL

New Hat (Maroon)


Bucket Hat (with coloured rim) $16.00 Limited stock
Black Drill Shorts $35.00  
Black Skort $35.00  
Black Bootleg Pants $35.00  
Black Cargo Pants $42.00  
Pants/shorts,skorts etc can be purchased elsewhere. Plain black only

Prices are subject to change at manufacturer's discretion.

Shorts, skirts/skorts and pants can be purchased elsewhere.  
Our uniform requriement is that all shorts, skirts/skorts and pants be black only.

In certain situations Social Welfare (WINZ) assistance is available.

Any queries about the uniform can be made to Deirdre on Ph 07-3478448 or by completing the form below.

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