Our Principal

Principals Welcome

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Aorangi School Whānau.

Our school is a community that offers a strong sense of whānau/family.

Aorangi School’s mission states, ‘We grow our people by Empowering, Encouraging, Engaging each other along our pathway to Personal Excellence’ (Our 4 E’s principle).

This applies to growing and developing the young people of our school, our dedicated staff, Whanau and community.

The connection that teachers make with students is the single greatest factor in determining whether many of our young people engage with learning in a way, that as educators and parents, we wish for them to do. As a parent and principal, I want the same thing for my own children as I do for the students at Aorangi School.

For education to be at its most valuable, it must be a holistic experience, allowing young people to pursue personal excellence across a range of contexts.

Aorangi school provides a holistic, quality education in a very positive environment, fostering relationships with high expectations of the students. We value each student’s strengths and abilities and build on these throughout their time with us. We enjoy learning from each other in a collaborative environment, where we are constantly striving to improve student progress and achievement.

When parents are asked what makes Aorangi School a great place for their children to learn and grow, the following responses are often stated:

  • It has caring, supportive, experienced and dedicated staff
  • Low class numbers
  • Strong foundational literacy and numeracy programmes
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy  Tuakana / Teina kaupapa
  • Focus on ‘Hauora / Overall well-being’ development
  • School leadership opportunities
  • Modern learning environments
  • Extra-curricular activities and experiences which develop our child’s confidence and self-esteem
  • The use of technologies to assist with learning including ipads, computers, lap tops
  • Great facilities- hall, large fields, turf areas and a well-resourced library.

Aorangi School has a proud history of engagement with the community and we enjoy the whānaungatanga sense of belonging that is fostered here.

We look forward to working and learning alongside you and your child, growing together at this special school called Aorangi.

We look forward to working and learning alongside you and your child and growing together at this special school called Aorangi.

Nāku iti nei

Principal / Tumuaki